Boom Beach

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If you peek at the top grossing games list on the Apple App Store, you’ll probably notice that Clash of Clans has been sitting at the #1 spot for a long time. A verrrrry long time, as it turns out. The maker of that game, Supercell, really knows how to make games that make money. Their second hit, Hay Day, is also in the top 10. And earlier this year, Supercell released a third game called Boom Beach, which shows just as much promise as a money-maker, and maybe more importantly: it’s really fun to play.

Boom Beach is kind of a spiritual successor to Clash of Clans, and if you’ve played CoC or any of the competitors it has spawned over the past couple of years, then Boom Beach will be readily familiar to you. You start out with a simple and small island base and your goal is to explore the surrounding islands and free the inhabitants of those islands from the oppressive clutches of the Blackguard. You’ll also encounter islands controlled by “mercenaries” which are actually other human players in the game. The storyline of the Blackguard is engaging, but soon enough you’ll come to realize that the meat of the game is in the player vs. player confrontations, much as it is with Clash of Clans.

Although it’s pretty basic on the surface, deep down there’s a lot of strategy involved. Your tropps arrive on Landing Craft and are supported by a Gunship, which can be outfitted with all kind of weaponry and support powers for your troops. A big part of the game is “softening up” the island’s defenses with your Gunship before you even deploy your troops. And your troop choices are highly varied. Certain combinations of troops need to be employed to take on the different island defenses successfully. All in all, there are many different approaches you can take, and that’s what keeps the game really interesting. If it all gets overwhelming, fear not: the Internet has responded with plenty of Boom Beach cheats
sites and other encyclopedic resources of each troop, building, and resource in the game.

Of course, as much fun as the game is, keep in mind that it’s a freemium offering and made by the folks at Supercell, who really know how to get you to open your wallet. Keep that in mind as you get deeper into the game. It’s very easy to get to a point where you feel compelled to purchase the in-game currency to speed things up. And that’s where Boom Beach can get really expensive.

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