Better Screenshots on Mac and Windows

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Taking Screenshots on your Mac or Windows computer is very simple. In Windows, press the PrtScr key. On the Mac, only press Command + Shift + 3 and you get exactly the same. There are several more complicated instructions for taking different kinds of Mac screenshots, but the keyboard shortcut of Command + Shift + 3 is actually whatever you should get going.

But what if you need more? Better thoughts on how to arrange them? Need to make basic image edits before you share them or to unite them? This can be where a dedicated screenshot tool or program comes in quite useful. Here are a few of the very best ones you can download and use.

Snipping Tool

Contained in the Experience Pack for Windows XP Tablet Edition, Windows Vista, and Windows 7, Snipping Tool fits right into a great niche for many users. For people who do not need high-powered screen capture tools, the fundamental functionality of Snipping Tool allows you to capture windows that are individual, the whole screen, or user-specified capture areas. Snipping Tool also offers editing functions that are incredibly basic, just like the capability to emphasize and write on your screen captures. It lacks the advanced features included in other screen capture software, but it does a fantastic job filling the opening between the frustrating Print Screen and Paste fashion screen capture in earlier versions of Windows and programs that are more advanced. Snipping Tool is a solid option in case you’ve already got it on your system as well as your screen capture needs are minimal and far between.

FastStone Capture

FastStone Capture lives up to the fast in its name; this application is extremely receptive and lightweight. Within the tiny user interface is a screen recording workhorse, although it does not have an interface that is substantial. FastStone Capture can get areas, multiple windows, and multilevel menus. It’s possible for you to set it to send them by email to automatically upload screenshots to an FTP server, or embed them in a Word or Power Point presentation. Furthermore, this flexible tool features a fundamental but quite powerful screen casting software which supports audio input. FastStone Capture might be set to automatically prompt you to get a caption with preset choices, making bulk-producing screenshots a snapshot. Another little but handy feature is the integrated color picker for color that is simple sampling.


Jing is the spartan infant brother of another screenshot application, Snagit, both of which are products created by software company TechSmith. Jing fills a niche in the screen capture bunch, allowing folks who desire to talk about their screen captures to do so as swiftly as potential. As soon as you’ve set it up, going from recording a screenshot or screencast to sharing the URL for your hosted file requires an issue of seconds. Jing has annotation tools that are fundamental, but the true draw is rapid sharing.


Skitch is a screen capture tool in exactly the same vein as Jing. Your screen is captured by Skitch, annotates it, draws with swanky graphics on it, and is as simple as saving it to your desktop when you are ready, share it online. If you don’t need to use Skitch.com to share your screenshots, you can just as easily use your own FTP, Flickr, or .Mac account.


Snagit is far removed from the classic Print Screen school of screen captures as possible. Snagit makes it possible to grab frames from video and get both still images. You can capture areas of it or your whole screen, and thanks to your robust profile system, you can create profiles. Whether you merely need to generate a screen capture after a menu is activated or you need every screen capture to be automatically uploaded into a server, you can create a Snagit profile to meet your objective. On top of the feature set that is exceptionally customizable, Snagit offers a built in editor for annotating your screenshots and adding effects that are fundamental. Eventually, the program’s screenshot pda keeps your catches in order with date, name, and tag-based hunting. Snagit also has the capability to easily capture images from items which are larger compared to the screen.

Magnificent Screenshot

Magnificent Screenshot for Firefox and Chrome is a browser-based extension that can get a selected part of a site, the portion visible in the browser window if not the entirety of the web page in a single go. Magnificent Screenshot includes a built in editor for clouding graphics and for adding pointers, shapes, and annotations. It also has choices for customizable keyboard shortcuts.


Screenshots may be saved in various formats or uploaded to several social media websites. With the internal editor of Fireshot it is possible to add text, shapes or arrows, or draw on the image. Also, you can place your favored image editor that was outside to automatically open when you take screencaps.

Nimbus Screenshot

Another great browser-based option is Nimbus Screenshot, as, and accessible on Chrome, Firefox a Windows desktop application. Users can take a screenshot of the whole browser window, a selected area, or a whole web page, and built in tools enable users to annotate and edit screenshots. The desktop version adds screencasting functions for recording video clips.

Screenshot Captor

Screenshot Captor is a pretty feature-packed bit of freeware using many different screen capture options and a built in editing program. Captures can be taken by users from the whole screen, active window, a selected area, as well as pull images from a scanner. From that point, it is possible to crop, rotate, blur, annotate, and implement other special effects. The program is, in addition, obtainable in an install- free portable variant. Screenshot Captor is freeware, though you will need to sign up to the newsgroup to get a license key that is totally free of DonationCoder.


PicPick is an all in one screen capture and image editing tool available free for private use. PicPick permits snapping the whole screen, a select window or an area of the screen. A built in editor utilize advanced edits, as well as enables you to add arrows, shapes and text annotations. Screencaps shared to social media, opened within an external editor, or could be saved to some file. Also, PicPick is a portable software which can be held in a flash drive without requiring setup, to stop up and play everywhere.


Till needed Lightshot is just another tool that lives mainly in your system tray. Just hit a hotkey up, and the application will require a screencap of a selection or the whole desktop. The program notes includes a miniature editor for adding annotations and highlights, that exists only in the border of the selection panel. Also, users can produce a free account so that you can upload their screencaps to printscrn.com, supplying an internet gallery for simple reference, link sharing and online backup.


Greenshot is a lightweight screenshot capture tool and image editor which comes with numerous convenient integrations and a built in image editor for annotations, highlight and obfuscating sections of your screenshot.



ShareX is a feature-packed screenshot program which accompanies integrations with online services such as for example Flickr Imgur and a spread of cloud storage providers, as well as many different automation characteristics.