Top Tips for a Total Body Workout

By on Sep 9, 2014 in Fitness | 0 comments

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Health is the key to happiness. A total body workout is the perfect way for anyone to stay fit, even if they don’t have time to worry about schedules and training programs. A good total body workout can be done every day, sometimes in just a few minutes, and will help guarantee your health and happiness for years. Here are some top tips for a total body workout from Mars Taylor.

Find A Program You Enjoy

There are a lot of wealthy fitness gurus selling a lot of fitness programs, and it’s often difficult to tell them apart. Instead of jumping right into a hardcore workout program, spend some time trying introductory exercises and promo programs from a variety of sources and see which one works best.

Working out the entire body every day makes a person sore and tired, especially at first. It’s important that it doesn’t feel like a chore. Wait to commit to a workout until you know it’s the right one.

Cover All The Bases

A total body workout should do what’s advertised. The whole point of the program is to make sure every muscle group is included. Look over the program’s basic and advanced exercise schedules, and make sure they check all the boxes. A good workout should include, but not be limited to, the following:

Often, exercises in this kind of workout will target more than one muscle group. Take that into consideration when choosing a program, and look for balance that touches on everything, but focuses on the abs. Abdominal muscles are the core muscle group for any exercise, and should be given more attention.

Don’t Overdo It, and Don’t Slack

It’s easy to start on a fitness program with an almost religious-like zeal, excited to get fit and healthy in no time. This eagerness can make people think it’s a good idea to turn a 5-minute workout into a 10-minute workout, or do a workout multiple times a day. It isn’t long before their body gives up and the working out has to stop – and once it stops, it’s hard to get started again.

The early exercises in fitness programs may seem easy, but that’s by design. They’re meant to prepare your body for the hard stuff, not be the hard stuff. Working too hard too quickly will damage the body more than prepare it.

Alternatively, once you start a fitness program, don’t slack on it. Exercise programs are meant to be maintained, and fitness is a thing that needs maintaining. It’s a good idea to occasionally take a day off, but they should be rare occasions, or your health could begin to slide backwards.

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